“Why do I write so much Poetry?” – A Blogger’s Thought – 2/10/2020

Why do I write so much poetry?

I have written 450 poems in the span of 8 months. Were I to make 50-poem poetry books, I could create 9 of them. I guess I should be proud of that achievement, right?

Poetry is the core of all the rest of my other work. Even my more technical, more philosophical work, has a “poetic texture” to it. My poetry is my foundation, my literal style, and my individualism to my life as a writer.

I write so much poetry to enhance everything I find to be above the poetry. That is, all the rest of my work that has built off the foundation, being the poems, I find to enhance along with the continual writing of poetry. This is to say that the more poetry I write, the more my other work improves.

It is good to know your core, the center of any life of any writer. Because, that is where one will develop the rest of their skills, and broaden their range of colors upon their palette.

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