Philosophy – “What is a Lie?” – 2/13/2020

A lie is differed from the truth, when we understand that a lie remains as the same. A lie remains asleep, though does not atrophy into a puniness. It is the wholeness, not ever changing itself, as people cling upon it. When an Atheist calls God a liar, he would be right, when we know even from Christianity that God is unchanging. Truth, of a person, is the person being manipulated by a word or a collection of words.

When an Atheist says he ‘does not believe in God’, it only means that he does not believe in God’s word, not in God’s presence. God’s presence is unchanging, because God’s presence was never physical, and therefore, not something to ever change. Does anyone, of a human on Earth, ever change with the course of time? Of course they do, by the grayness to their hair that comes around. Truth is the thing that is both changed and changes others, as humans who are changed by others, and also change others. We are manipulators, in a sense, and the reason we cannot be immortal, is because ‘change’ is inevitable.

We can only be arrogant enough to believe we are God, though will still be assassinated by the bullet. Science had not killed God, but merely stopped believing in one extra source to change humans. Or… is it that science is merely denying the fact that when God was said to ‘create Man in His own image’, God’s own creations are changing their own creations? That, it is an inevitable thing to occur, that humans would change humans, and it is merely the case that science is unknowingly acting to religion’s teachings?

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