Poetry Series – 1/10 Poems – “A Thrown Line into the River” – A Failed Romance – 2/16/2020

Sunken beneath, the tides, as you were
My solace, the source to my well
Of tears.
I threw a line for your freedom, when I saw you were drowning.
I threw it, to save you from the uncertainty that kept you weeping.
For each drop in the tide, was yours.
Though, the well was mine.

I looked back to the well,
For I was looking back to my soul.
I saw deep within the glow of my heart,
And bled a new gaze for you to drink up.

Feverish, and upon the nightmare, we were crested.
Like two wings becoming one,
We were divine.
And, we bled humility for Humility’s pride,
While the world bled envy for Envy’s shame.
We were the ocean across, and the land within.

A kiss, would have gifted the world
To us, and the rising moon.
Though, while we miss the other, the clenched hand for its touch,
We will crash together, should we ever push.

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