Poetry Series – 1/10 Poems – “Grace” – The Meaning of Love – 2/17/2020

Walk, will you do?
Talk, will you go through
The shed shredded tears, from a heart in the water?
Are you to stalk
Nights away in our song?
Love has never found a better place in your heart
As when you felt
The need to step away.

And I’ve never seen so much grace
Put in place,
Walking in space, in the memory of many years
Under sun for the light,
Under moon for its twilight.

I’ve never seen the grace,
Needed to be free.

I’ve never seen my face so clearly in the reflection,
Needing you to flee.

Free from me, you have grace.
Free from me, you have space.
I will love from a light.
I will love from a heart, not from the mind
That drowns in wasted time.
My time
Was a shoulder of its own weight.

I will desire your hand
To come, once again.
And you will step so evenly
Around me.

Kiss me,
With everything kind within you.

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