Poem – “Alive, and Unwell” – Romance – 2/22/2020


Keep time flying
To the horizon, where your kisses are sent
Across oceans, and further.

I will keep my eyes motioning
Over your form and gaze, between the stars,
Moon, and even the sun when it sets.

I love
With fuel for the fire,
As I add the rust,
That drowns out all words in the ocean.
As eyes are against all tides,
The parallels coming together, and are we one?

I linger upon opposites
And confusion,
And appetite,
To know what is beyond that meager line,
The horizon line,
Because, I am always behind, a stranger in the wrong line.

I love the weakness of you,
And hate the weakness of me.

I have adored the division, up until now
When I can tell what it makes us,
Parted like arrows
That never met their target.