Poem – “Due for the Delicate Kiss” – Romance – 2/22/2020

Due, and overdue
For the delicate kiss, upon a mouth
That gapes with the sighs,
Blown free, like seeds off a dandelion
In the month of May.

I hold your neck,
And I kiss your flesh,
Velvet and soft, as it shimmers in the sunrise.
I breathe over you
The devotion I’ve been meaning
To release.

I bleed
Love upon you,
Over you,
And above you,
With kisses brought deep into your heart.

We are entranced
By each other’s stares,
Beneath the sunrise,
Beneath love’s reign,
As I rain the sweet petals from my weeping eyes.

I cannot allow
You, to fall,
Away from me,
Far from me.

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