Poem – “A Celebration of Love and Drunkenness” – Romance – 2/24/2020

A celebration
On the intoxication, upon scents of skin,
And the fewest droplets that hang off
Your scarlet tresses, in the dimming light upon this
Brooding evening.

I bring kisses to you,
In your saddened and weakened sight.
A complexion, worn about
With nakedness to every scar,
And a heart, turned into a star.

Your frigidness,
And my warmth,
Like love, the sun, wrestles with the moon,
And we become the greatest spectacle, for everyone’s awe.

Do not fight,
As I wield your arms,
And pin your legs.
My breaths come as stampedes
Over your ivory form.
And, we shall
Begin to love,
In intoxication of our scents,
Of our looks,
Of our touches.

Like love never wielded before,
Like love never submitted before
The hanging of misery.

Like love never had a taste
In heart, for when it did start,
It appeared too ravaged to attempt further tries.

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