“Undressed for the Wielder” – Poem

Next you will give to the wielder

Droplets atop your skin, in the white

Of it, to be drunken from,

Like those of crystalline form

To rain from the tankard, of the honeyed drink.

Plead to me,

All you’ve ever wanted,

And I’ll lay it out for you,

Atop the thorns of your heart,

Atop the curves

White as the snow that melt from the roofs

Of the farmlands,

In the dales.

Wish upon me, now when love is within reach

That you’ll accept the heart that shall now leech

From you,

The offering of blood,

Used as the ink to write your name

In a long line,

Upon it, the ruby orb.

We drip in the mirth, and are in the birth,

Of a new togetherness.

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