Essay – “When Science Rejects the Mind, for the Form” – 3/6/2020

Love is the most logical of things upon this Earth, and yet, its representation, of oneness, or God, has no understanding by science. That is because love represents the mind, while science gains by way of the form. Science cannot ever have the ability to comprehend the mind and its functions, because its most logical “function” is not a function. A function is something related to use, while love has no use to it. It is for the same reason that we’d treat a human as a human, and not a slave. Would one “disagree” with this, then they’d inevitably fall into the line of thinking that people should abuse or manipulate their loved ones. To treat flesh as the tool, is again, to see the flesh as never to be protected, but divided.

Love is the most logical thing upon Earth, because it relates to protection and prevention. It relates to the responsible self, when we take another person “under our wing” as the wing is very much a use of Biblical imagery. Everything about “protection” or “prevention” has its place in keeping a problem from rising in the first place. Such is to say and to prove as universally true, that the only problems that come to our world, come from people we neglect.

The Narcissist, for example, as such a person has become such a dominant figure to today’s time for some reason, is one of the most neglected people. Deep in their arrogance, they are, and those who the Narcissist affects, only want such a person to be jailed or simply held in contempt. By such negligence, further problems only ever arise.

Everything that coexists with prevention and protection, are things related to logic, because there is nothing more logical, than keeping problems from beginning in the first place. And, there is nothing more blind and ignorant than to allow it in, or to never see it coming if it has occurred a thousand times over, just to gaze upon its effects.

God has no form, no matter what “perspective” says otherwise. It is then to comprehend that we “act in God’s image” when we see past our form, to the needs of others. An image, and as such, we have replaced the word “image” not with the mind, but with the form. We see our bodies as related to image, completely backwards in the actual way to see an image.

Where’s the realness of God?

Look around you to see that He is only “non-existent” because there are no more actions, to prevent negligence from occurring.

We say the most redundant things, in today’s time.

To want “evidence” over something that would not exist without the actions it takes for it to exist. Why do we say that love leads people to the future? Why do we fight for both love and dreams? For the same reasons.

God has no form, because love does not neglect, and takes hold of the responsibility to aid someone. How could God have a form, when love does not create death? It would not corrupt, it would not consume, because it resides in the mind, not the form.

The form would not act, without the mind controlling it. Without free will, we are the puppet or slave, and the only thing that can die, is the form. The mind, however, lives on into memories for remaining life to recollect.

As love resides in the mind, and lust in the form, a slave can only be a slave when the form is seen through use, not allowing the mind to control the form, on its own.

No one and their random “perspectives” are able to see love as related to use, without admitting themselves as a slave-master.

Therefore, it is humans who have a form, and while looking above oneself, one sees Heaven. When looking down, one sees Hell, and one sees for themselves what they neglect, as a human.

When we blame God, we blame ourselves. Why is that, other than to know that when God looks down, He has no form to see? Though, when we look down, we see the extent of our bodies, and we see the challenge of sacrificing our own needs, for someone else’s.

When science recognizes that the form possesses a use, they have merely replaced the mind, by dividing everything in places where people are insecure. That is, they’ve become the new slaves, rejecting love for its use, and hijacking what is left of the mind, to create division. To create division among the form, that is, because while love pieces together, ignorance will divide and conquer.

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