A Quote of Wisdom – “While Love is Worth the Battle” – 3/8/2020

“In ways we feel vulnerable, we are in love. We trust, because we reveal to the other what we’ve held back, when alone. Darkness, holds the same appearance, as loneliness. Everything we reveal, is trusted by the beloved other, to not be scorned. Rather than the truth to scorn us like the sun with its beating heat. Rather than appearing too bright so we cannot directly look upon it, we become those who now trust it. We now trust the sun to make us see. In that revealing, truth holds the same appearance as light. Whoever we trust, has found us in the darkness. The light, as our truth, is trusted to be felt, for its warmth, like the body against us under the covers upon a bed. While love is worth the battle, it is never finite. It is always worth the risk to be vulnerable beside the one we trust the most with our secrets. Intimacy holds the moments where we share the greatest of our secrets that we held upon, in that darkness.

For what was the greatest reason we were in that darkness? It is because no one had pulled us from it.”

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