Poem – “If only to Erase the Memory of You” – Romance – 3/9/2020

Beside where I may carry my pain
Down the longest valleys among the softest winters,
There is escape only in what makes me quake
Upon when I shed tears to fill the Earth
With lake after sorry lake.

Love held a purpose
To gather me forward.

I was upheld by a rope
With you, in tow.

Like mice, we fed upon the cheese
That made us smile.

Like dancers, exotic in nature,
And entangled.

I chose you over the many miserable things
I loathe to do
Without you in my long arms.
You will carry the rose
Onto a withering life
With so much to bleed for,
As we have so much to grieve over.

I need the peace
But, I had loved you,
And what I do
To write out verse,
Is never with the voice
Of when we conversed.

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