“The Darkest Love” – Poem


Is resignation,

Under the fullest gleam

From where pain flows, to a stream.

One idle current

Seems to be frozen

Upon the tale of vividest complexion

To her withered countenance.

I have submitted myself

To devotion’s cause,

Like some highlighted deer

Upon the roadway.

Like a man without excuse

To see her nuptial, in arms

Brimming and wide,

Upon the ocean’s tide.

My hands have diseased

Each fiery leaf

That crawls away from her tired eyes,

From her tired form.

There is more pain within her,

Than ever there was upon her felled limbs

In the deepest muck,

In the deepest mire,

Where love and fire,

Swells hearts, ever higher.

One face,

One moon,

To an Earth corroded by Neptune

And its oceans share weathering motions,

To the sound of her cries.

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