Poem – “A Raindrop to Catch” – Romance – 3/10/2020

A masterstroke
Across your aching form, is where erotica blooms,
And I bow my head, to kiss
What sears,
What burns.
Will you trust me with your secrets?

Each scattered piece of flesh
You ever viewed in a mirror,
Is collected, at this time
With my left hand over your eyes, and my right hand
Is pawing smooth skin.
While you sigh, attempt to fall deeper.

We were enemies, for a moment,
And soon lovers, for an eternity.
Where is our armor?
It is gone, for we are nude and vulnerable,
Tangled in limbs, like hair in knots,
Whatever makes us dark, we are rabbits in a hole.

Like rabbits,
We run
From the world and its terrible nature,
For we are in control,
Beautifully arrogant.

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