A Quote of Wisdom – “The Basis of Morality” – 3/11/2020

“The basis of morality aligns with the basis of the question, versus the decision to pass judgement. There are only two types of judgement to exist: the judgement of punishment, or the judgement of forgiveness. However, to act as a human, means to act according to the former. To act as God, means to act according to the latter. We possess flesh, and such means that we may feel the same pain we have caused for the punishment of evil, even if the evil-doer has done evil, themselves. How hardened must the human judge be, so that he or she may only be able to punish?

Humans do not normally know how to forgive, because they possess flesh, meaning that they possess the ability to feel the same pain as the wicked. The wicked sought to punish, and the hero came along to punish the wicked one, thereby committing the same action as those they punished.

By acting selfless, a human does not punish, but forgives. It is because to forgive, means to throw away all that relates to greed and personal gain, of a certain pleasurable feeling that comes with punishment.

Since the basis of morality comes with the basis of the question, and since human reason surpasses absolution, reason’s only power comes through confusion. Continuous question comes with continuous confusion, because to reject absolution on leaning towards reason, one will never draw close to a resolution on what their actions have accomplished.

The tormented hero, is tormented on action, not negligence. The ability to save, does not come through words, but action. Because of this, their effort for personal gain becomes diminished, if and only if, the hero is never established for their identity.

Therefore, an accompaniment of identity to the ‘hero’ persona, is an accompaniment of moral decision based on words, not action. Is an accompaniment of personal motives of greed.

Politicians across the world will act as heroes to be trusted, though their deception comes through their words, because they never act. They speak more than act, because they comprehend that ‘honesty’ is the only path towards action, while words remain as the disguise for them.

The actions of a hero, and never their words, are always to be shunned upon the hero. That is because if their words came forth, they’d name themselves for who they are, and their actions would be ignored. Their negligence would become the focus. When words are heard, though actions become ignored, both words and negligence are aligned as dual focuses, by a public.

Are our leaders weak enough to not see that actions create the leader, not words?

Actions are only witnessed, when words are never heard.”

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