A Quote of Wisdom – “The Torments of a True Hero” – 3/11/2020

“Only in death, does a hero achieve selfish recognition. Without the identity of the hero, by the mask being placed over their face, one hears no words, and only receives action.

Only in death, does a hero achieve the recognition they had wanted, in life. It is because no human is ever remembered for their death, but for how they lived. No living human will ever remember a person’s failure, thus objectively stating that ‘failure’ is only ‘achieved’ through death. This is to say that the only time a person ever fails, is when they die. Each human battles, in their lives, as warriors, though there will come a day that a faced battle will be a loss, resulting in their death.

What defines the afterlife? What defines it, besides all that living humans remember of a dead human, for their life, for their accomplishments, and not for their death or failure? It is the only definition of ‘eternal love’, belonging in Heaven. We, as humans, achieve only to remain living. Were we to no longer fear death, and become as immortal as God, we’d begin to fear life. Thus, we now comprehend each human as eternally mortal, eternally vulnerable, eternally guided by the strength of love.

And, love protects, as a hero does, without a face, somewhat like how we wonder on what the ‘face of God’ looks like. To be ‘immortal’ means for the good deeds of a hero, a protective one, to forever be remembered, beyond their death.

What replaces history with a future, is what replaces death with life. It is how history repeats itself, even when we look upon past evil dictators, and potentially consider the ‘genius’ of their ideas. We consider their ideas, the life that was poured into them, because their hands no longer move to create evil from those ideas. They are dead, and so life associates itself with life, even associating itself with the ‘afterlife’ in what still lives on.

Immortality is only ever achieved beyond death, not beyond the fear of death. Nightmare, not dream, not the future, not love, would become the focus of any ‘immortal human’ upon Earth, as immortal in the literal sense. They’d focus on their flesh, desiring to burn it, turn it to ash, and make it a nothingness that ‘death’ represents. Thus, their focus would be Hell. Their focus would be Hell, because they’d not ever look forward to death, nor look forward to life. Should one ‘disagree’ with this, then go about comprehending what the ‘fear of death’ represents. It means a fear of failure. To erase that, would create the opposite, as the fear of life or the fear of accomplishment. It is because one cannot live through the bravery and heroism that associates itself with love and its strength, without fearing that one may fail. It is to say that ‘bravery’ has no purpose without fear. In the opposite sense, fear would become the purpose for bravery.

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