A Quote of Wisdom – “Why a Meager Vote does not Matter” – 3/10/2020

There is a vast difference, within the political realms, between the words of a person and the actions of a person. To focus on the former, would be identical to believing in the “quality” of a vote, when it is merely the focus on the quantity of those votes. Between the aspect that focuses on the words of a person and the actions of a person, defines either deception or honesty. And, where does repetition fall upon? Words. Repetition falls upon words, not actions. It is because a leader can repeatedly say something, though will be doing something else, and all they’ll be throwing forward is reassurance. Reassurance keeps people comforted, and nothing truly gets accomplished, because bravery has not stepped forward.

Repetition kills the quality, if the focus is merely the words, and so the focus becomes the quantity. In the focus becoming the quantity, no individual among a nation can become, of themselves, a leader or a government, because they’ve lost all ability to produce quality through action. They’ve lost the need to be personally responsible. They merely speak, through votes, not ever rising to meet their competitors, and knock them off the ladder.

It is because of that votes only matter for quantity, that intelligence disintegrates. No individual, through their words, aims to create action, of their own free will, because out of lack of that free will, their actions are being done by a leader. Therefore, those who have the focus on votes, who have the focus on the quantity of their people, have also the element of slavery in mind. Slave-masters, throughout history, have had numbers in mind, and never the desire to see the intelligence of one of their servants.

Every tyrant has thought on the “usefulness” of a person, versus their own individuality. It is a fact, and there is no debate.

It is because of that votes do not matter for quality, that no one’s opinion is shared. Merely throwing a vote forward is objectively not sharing intelligence, because it is equivalent to siding with words, not actions. A leader, should they fail, are meant to feel disgrace enough to cut their wrists and wet the nation’s soil with their own blood. Action spreads honesty among the people, and in a world of riddled deception, honesty will offend the most out of everything.

Do people still wonder on why an evil leader is able to sleep well? It is because good is always a light in the darkness, always the focus, always the target, always wanted for the kill. Darkness, however, blends in with the night, so sleep comes with ease.

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