A Quote of Wisdom – “A Person’s Discovery to their Identity is not Heroic” – 3/11/2020

“A hero’s identity is not meant to be discovered, not meant to be revealed, not meant to be known. Why would we say in today’s world that a person is heroic by their identity being discovered, if not to reverse the actions of a hero, to the words of a hero?

To reveal, comes as the spoken statement, the confession, of a supposed hero, or rather, a defeated hero. Seduction. We become so-called ‘heroes’ through words, when we are trusted for them, but seen for our truth when others see our actions. In today’s world, a man can call himself a woman, through words, though their actions will prove otherwise.

Deception. Cunning. Manipulation. These things are not of the hero, but of the selfish ordinary person. All these things co-exist with words, not actions.

To discover the identity of yourself, to reveal your identity to the world, is not a heroic thing. You have merely reversed the objective definition of heroism, which means to be protective of others. And, for the hero to conceal their identity, means that such a mask symbolizes the only way they can protect themselves.”

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