Poem – “Wasted Years” – Romance – 3/12/2020

I have thrown away the everything
For the singular.
For the single moment, when I’d receive the kiss,
The press against my lips
I never had.

For what reason did I spill the tears?
For what reason did I drop the dimes
To lift her life from its Hell?
For what reason did I dig this deep
Into the heart of mine?

Wasted years, are nothing for the counted tears.
But, I have lost time,
And lost track
Of my own life.
A dispersed dream, and all is left is a futility.

For what reason did I face death
And risk damage to her flesh?
What reason was there to spill such sweat
If not for a dream to be kept?
What reason, other than to know my time is left to emptiness?

She has her life,
And I have mine.
Though, my life is merely a sign
That its remaining days will remain the grind.

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