Poem – “I Breathe Scents as Imagery” – Romance – 3/14/2020

Lay down for me,
As I have commanded.
There will be a flood upon thee,
My child.
You are the eternal fortune
To my dreams,
Wet in fragrance,
And wet in tears.

Your form is in crystal,
Agleam, before my very eyes.

Fragrance lifts
To my nostrils,
For I found you in the sunrise,
When dew dropped over your cheeks.

Stay down, for me,
I will come over you, and under you,
Ahead of you, and behind you.
Do not weep tears of any sadness,
As it would be in vain.

There is love in the air,
Kissed by both our mouths.
Love is two mountains of dandelions
As your breasts.
Love is a dawning sunset,
As the one eye I stare into,
Only yours.
Be with me, for me, and to my imagery.

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