Poem – “Love Crossed Line” – Romance – 3/14/2020

Love shifts
When it steps over
The dividing line,
The line that divides symmetry
To be broken in its shift.

Love is two steps ahead
Over that line.
Centered in itself,
And soon to be divided

And broken,
When beauty masks reality.

She’ll falter in her desire
To see the Kingdom rise, around her,
Like love had always held hands
With destiny.

A line,
Broken, like words stepping over a spine
Of a book, replacing time
With effigies to stab.

Like two words, to replace the three.
The first two, ignoring the third.
Who does she love?
She cannot tell.
Though, her heart knows,
Because, it sunders as it shudders
With twists as its reigning sounds.
She hands kisses to Devils,
And falters between them.
For fear creates but the first beat of the wings
To startle the bird to freedom.

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