Poem – “Love Grows in the Foulest Places” – Romance – 3/19/2020

I once saw the maiden’s breath
Climbing upon the clammy skin of death.
I once saw how her eyes hovered and gazed
Over everything that to anyone else
Would merely amaze.

Her face and idle grace,
Her love for things so blessed by fate.
Her place in its safe web.
Though, through her simple design
Weaved by fingertips marred by grime,
She had sneaked dewdrops beneath her fingernails,
And, upon when she touched her solemn cheeks,
Quivering beneath Autumn leaves,
She had allowed such tears, to fall towards Earth,
Fall to her feet.

She would not ever teach,
Nor even plead
The spiders not to crawl,
The maggots not to draw
Their horrid forms within the corpse.

Love stings
Only when no one notices,
Or so it seems.
A shoulder of hers,
Was begging to be touched.

A husband of hers,
And a maiden once more.
Unmarried, though not forgotten
By the winds that kiss her ears,
And the fog that softens her skin.

“I am in the deep,” said she,
“Deep in the web of fated destiny,
While my love roams the depths of the Earth,
Wherever he draws love’s new birth.”

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