A Quote of Wisdom – “A Low Attention Span, as the Cause for Relationship Ruin” – 3/21/2020


How much time can we devote to the most important of things?

That is a big question to consider, when involving relationships into the attentions of people. I cannot know, for I’ve done no research, on the platonic relationships from one goldfish to the next. Though, it must be abysmal, or at least meager.

Love is extinct, when men have replaced it with their ambitions.

I say this, “Should a man ever make a mistake in his romance with a woman, then he should save it for the marriage.”

That is because a man should only be allowed two times to submit, to her. The first, being the proposal, and the second, being the mistake after the marriage, during when he begs for forgiveness. He is not allowed to make a second mistake, because a second mistake is seen by a woman as sheer betrayal. It is most certainly a lot like a “mistake” or an “accident” we like to call it, when it wasn’t planned by the family to have a child. Her understanding falters, because explanations will fall on deaf ears. Any second mistake, no matter the situation, will appear to her like the first.

This is only wisdom spoken here, though the factor of devotion has a lot to do with attention. Would a man ever become as distracted as a woman sometimes is, then he may as well renounce every bit of loyalty he ever had, and devote himself to prostitutes. A whore’s “time” is only worth as much as the money offered, of course.

Love requires discipline, patience, and time. All these things create the loyalty that most women crave.

An ambition, if seen to be higher than love, has made the man an insect.

For nothing can be higher than love, and his eventual death will resemble his weakness, belonging to his negligence.