A Quote of Wisdom – "Why Men are Interested in Politics" – 3/22/2020

“See it through the eyes of a man, on why suppressed emotions compel the leader to say the words to himself, ‘mourn later, for there are people who still live, who need leadership’.

Many fools will say that it is a society telling a man to suppress emotions, when it is not the case. It is instead, an inward voice as the ancestral instinct of a man, telling him to suppress these emotions, and lead those who are alive.

Emotions will cause people to falter and hesitate. This is factual. The very reason why we state the words ‘we are not perfect’ is because of emotions. Though, there is no true fault in this. It is what makes humans beautiful. Vulnerability and imperfection are what makes two humans connect, and trust each other with their most important secrets.

Men have an interest in politics, because their instincts, as ancient and primal as they come, come with the chivalry of order, with less chaos. Men have an interest in politics, because their instincts compel them to not grieve for what is lost, and continue to move.

Again, to see it through the eyes of a man, of his hardened aspect when it comes to grief, makes it require much force to move past whatever has ever softened him.

This is all less of a preference, and more of an attraction. Though, to a man, love would appear as something alien, over something familiar to him as a political realm. The beauty of a woman, that is, and her vulnerable self would make him heroic enough to not need an entire populace to lead, but the simplicity of his very own family. It comes as something better that his own hands can mold and build, rather than the pressure of an entire nation on his shoulders.

Weaken a man, and you have reminded him of everything he has ever latched his heart upon, and held it for dear life. Men turn to drinking, because Bacchus is a greater reminder of what was lost in a depth, than Neptune. He feels as though he has failed to save, what saved himself. And, he is just as lost as what was lost.”

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