A Quote of Wisdom – “Why Socialism Results in Poverty” – 3/22/2020

“Realize a philosophy that has stayed true to life. It is a philosophy that deals with the ‘one day’ scenario, of when we lose all, from trading too much away. A great reliance on something of seemingly greater force, is not relying on sincerity or genuineness.

Imagine an adolescent depressed enough from either parental abuse or from bullies, to want to commit suicide. As he or she contemplates it, there can only be one reason why such thoughts are taking place. It is not because of the abuse, though because of the lack of a genuine heart.

What have we traded away of our freedoms, when other’s hearts are not being leaned on, in that genuineness? We are meant to be free, through our heart. Love is the freest emotion, though it is being divided on what we prefer, and that is where Socialism gains its ground.

To divide those who cannot comprehend that love’s objective definition, is freedom, away from the confinement of continuous toil, is Socialism’s goal. It is because a Socialist wishes for all to rely on what cannot objectively be offered a genuine degree of trust. It is the lowest of things to consider, when one should know that a genuine degree of trust, only comes about when one can see eye-to-eye the intentions of someone else. Otherwise, leadership rapes us.

Have we felt that feeling of force? Or, are we willingly giving away such freedoms, for that illusion of security? It seems to be the latter.

We will pay prices, makes vows, and attempt to win battles, though do we know that we will lose these things, one day? Upon the day of our death, we lose everything, because we have lost. What is like then, upon the brand of Socialism, to live a life of death?

Trust and loyalty comes inevitably at the cost of trading away secrets, for nothing in return, but the continuous uncertainty of another day to live. It is only this, when there is no genuineness. Why trust, or love, when it is not requited?

Love is what we adore in any place of genuineness, of another’s heart, when we can see the intentions of someone else, because we know them. If a leadership hoards secrets like a child hoards misunderstandings, then it is objectively true that there is no factor of genuineness, among this. It is pathetic to know that we will give what we know of ourselves, to a modern leadership, for nothing in return.”