Poem – "While the Waters Raise" – Romance – 3/23/2020

While pieces of me
Walk away
From tides as cold as the running waters
From flooded hearts.
Like two nails
With one in each hand,
And I have died
For another’s grief.

Pain is extraordinary
When it holds an identity
As fine as the sharpest point
Of the longest dagger.
Because, my pain
As any pain,
Lurks over my shoulder
In hollow Earth.

She pressed the ground,
Flailed limbs above the mounds
Of rock,
Of soil,
Of heavy toil,
And arms that coil.

Life had wasted her,
Like doomsday upon each man alive
To see every woman slain
By her own hands.

She marries death
Like she promised to wed with me.
Like when she would accept
The heart I would offer, to truly save a life.

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