Poem – “In Fields, where we Roll and Kiss” – Romance – 3/22/2020

Ply across
The Earth, where our tears fall
As sweet as everything
We have savored,
To have each other,
And nothing more.

Beauty weakens me,
When once I was atop mountains
On my own.

Now that mountain is above me,
As I am peering up to a sun,
Up to the hotness of ash.

In my mouth,
Your lips upon my tongue,
I will always forget
The cries of this world.

The only cry I hear
Is from my heart
Where a wilderness makes many movements,
And tides come close to drowning
Time into deep space,
Love into death.

The cries of this world,
The cool flesh beneath us
As the soil where we drop fresh sadness
To be free from the joy
We use to eclipse our minds,
And see only our hearts.

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