Poem – "When Tears Fall Upwards" – Romance – 3/23/2020

When tears fall
To rise,
And reach your delicate eyes,
After I have shed them
So that you may see,
That our love is true.

As true as the skies beneath our feet,
As true as the sun that no longer scorns
When it would be overhead.

For all I witness, is your face to be kissed
A thousand times on each cheek,
Where sadness once cloaked your bare features.

Love believes,
As it always will
For the skies are deep
And the oceans are wide.
Nothing tries to hide
In the scenario where no one dies.

Love flies,
Love cries
Petals to drift upstream
To the shores where all lovers call to their other,
And drown in the sands,
Never in the storm.


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