Poem – "Carved into the Ebony Whale" – Romance – 3/24/2020

Love is so deep

As the jewels we wield

Ornamented in our hair,

Adorned upon our flesh,

Skin and snow

Offerings and show.

Love is where kindness bleeds,

And pleasure sleeps

Until the day we find the right time,

To unbox

A stored dream,

And give enlightenment to a curse

We have kept as fear.

Nothing to fear

In our arms,

Where raindrops have come down as snowflakes,

And teardrops have come down as diamonds.

The skilled artisan I have watched

Carve you from a whale’s broken frame,

Made of etched simple loving

In the sheltered mind

Of yours.

I will store your heart

In my home,

As I store myself

In your heart.