Poem – "Your Sultriness and Ivory Face" – Romance – 3/23/2020

May you gasp
In the sight of twice the telling,
Thrice of feeling,
In much beauty
There is to witness about you.
Love lays in my left hand,
And a shoulder of yours
Is caressed by my right.

I draw upon your breath, like dew in the morning.
You only have to spy the many deaths,
That speak ill, of the both of us.
We are lovers, forever.
But, the tides are chasing
Us, down to the very end
Of the Earth.

Too kind,
Too blind,
With not enough to strike
Us away from this moment.
Not enough
To tease
Us away from the pondering

Oh, love!
Oh, beloved!
Quake the Earth, with your sultriness
And ivory face.
Quake it, with what I know about you
To already be dropped
To make the noises, of many plodded feet.
I have loved, and hated, what I have seen.

Our degree,
Is stupidity
Among the fragility
That will keep us in this scenery.

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