Poem – “What do they have to Hate?” – Romance – 4/2/2020

What of you

Do they need to despise

Of your holiness?

Are we doomed to run

Like some being of land, who is not at sea,

Doomed to sail, for eternity?

Love would have awoken the Kingdom,

Destined to be planted

Like everything else did not matter

To us.

Like dust in my hands,

Like the land in the calls of trumpets,

Like the war upon my mind,

Stampeding troops

Seem to be heading

Towards the grave,

To see you

And the bouquet you carry

In arms made of rope.

Are we doomed

To see you, in what everyone hates

Of love’s short breath

That carries across the land’s waking body?

What do they have to hate

Of you,

In the storm of irises I see

From you?

Two twin suns

Offered a birthplace

Above your nose,

And beneath your brow.

Give what they hate

To me,

So that I might

Bury myself in them,

And adopt the throne of love.

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