Poem – “Nothing but the Doors in your Eyes” – Romance – 4/3/2020

There has been nothing to see
Else in my mind,
But the doors that do not wind
Backwards in the wind.
Love has played keys upon your nostrils
To make you breathe,
While strumming strings upon your tongue
To make you taste.

Love has been the universe
To mount the stars on pedestals.
Love has been the placement of plates
Upon a table made for phantoms.
Nothing but the doors in your eyes
Has made me want to enter
And see truth
Beyond merely me.

Play me a song,
And dance.
Dance to it,
My love.

There are petals across the floor,
And a chandelier overhead.
There is a violinist who is very lonely,
And he wants to send notes to your heart.

Bleed waters over the ground,
And make the puddles
Clash with the sounds.

Make music with your sighs,
Over everything near
That shall hear your cries.

Life is two steps forward,
And everything back
To where love has entered a shallow stream,
Following the entrance,
The guidance,
To the doors of your eyes,
Where everything seems to be
The moon and the sun.

It is where night and day
Clash as one.