Poem – “The Inward Pain” – Romance – 4/4/2020

I had lost you

Afloat at sea,

Where nothing but the drowning

Could be breathed.

I cannot lose you, again,

When death will take you on blackened wings

And claim to love you

More than my own

Temple of that swollen emotion.

Love is a beacon,

A frozen light

In the dead of night.

Why can I not take you in my arms?

Why am I not allowed?

For when I made that vow

To keep you safe,

It was not death to do so,

Inescapable as it is.

Death on soaring horses,

Death on wings, dark as night.

There is a universe in my mind,

A shower of meteors

Threatens my sanity.

Life has never been so unkind

To one man who grows through misery.

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