A Quote of Wisdom – “A Translation of a Simple Perspective” – 4/5/2020

“Upon many occasions, I have observed that a perspective only ever holds a candle to itself. Of course, this is true, when we consider what a perspective is. But I believe a perspective can be taken seriously, almost as if it were a fact. At what point does a mere ‘perspective’ become proven to be a fact? This is what I aim to find out. When did the person who invented the numerical and digits turn their meager ‘perspective’ into something inarguable? To say of the perspective or the opinion, that it is only the perspective or the opinion, seems like a blow to intellectualism. We will say that one is ‘forcing’ their opinions or their ways upon another, but then again, a child will say the same when he or she believes they don’t need to attend school. Life is about open-mindedness, and the flexibility of intellect makes a person thrive, when alive. Nothing else matters, but the person to learn, and to gather what one can know from listening to others. Therefore, a perspective is not just a perspective, but an outlook upon reality.”

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