Poem – “Distortions and Letters” – Romance – 4/5/2020

Written with tragedy
Upon felled days
Where breaths burn upon sorry lips
That whispered apologies to scarred ears.
My love, you are as sweet as everything I could envision
Of doomsday’s arrival.

There is music to play,
And blood to boil.
There are eyes to stay,
And memories to play.

There is life gone astray,
And enormous portraits that wane
Upon the pain in open mouths.
My lips have met your own,
Have they not,
Sweetest thing?

Do not bleed so much,
Before we both give up
The hunt,
The chase,
The place
Where we both were saved.

So much love,
And so much doom,
Has gone in and out of my heart,
And now all is left is a noose,
To end what did start
Of our unending part.

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