Poem – “Two Faces & a Mask” – Romance – 4/7/2020

Two ways to kiss
The pouring tears
Into the chalice, held in hands that hold fears.
My blood has a flavor,
That of iron and wine,
While you will bleed me blind,
Of tears that shed so divine.

Why don’t you dance
To what I don’t know, about you?
You are frozen in where you are seated,
Just an eclipse upon a thorn,
A racing velvet moon, that never ceases to mourn.
Can love come rushing to you
While you are miserable and worn?

Share me your bottle,
That which you’ve taken many sips.
Share me your sadness,
That sails across tears, upon hollow ships.

Do not deny
And everything,
You have cried for
Under the curtain that closes your heart
Into the shame you’ve sworn to serve
For the many years that do not count,
Nor number,
Up to the tears you have wept, and the emotions that surmount.

Life has five tulips,
Like the five fingers of yours I hold,
Why don’t you choose one?
Why not race upon a path away
From this current of dismay?

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