Poem – “You were All in my Heart” – Romance – 4/7/2020

You were the last leaf
To shed its frailty
Down upon my lap.
You succumbed to the tree’s
Advance into Autumn.

Bleed me now,
With all that you are made of
So that I may step aside
And see life with open eyes.
There is always knowledge to rip free
From another’s heart.

My destiny
Shouts many yearnings
To the open air.
Because, I cannot stare
At your eyes,
Without melting.

There is so much to live for,
And not much to be had.
Knowledge runs amok, like the leaves that dance
In the cool breezes near a frozen shelter
Where I found your form, encased in another’s arms.

The arms of Death,
Where He had said,
He loves you more than I could.
Truly, nothing could match,
Of mine, to His

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