Poem – “Drape Me in your Tresses” – Romance – 4/8/2020

Entitle me the moment, to count each living wave
That pours around your scalp.
Life bequeathed me one moment, to kiss your lips,
As the scarlet drowned in my pale.
Life is only worth two seconds in time
To count each eye, as though they are mine.

What beauty,
And what stagnancy,
Has kept me entranced, with all that surrounds me
In the aura of your eyes.
In the manifold tresses, that encase
This fragile form, of mine
When winter drops its sheets,
Drops its flame, over my cold skin.

Let me love with all the coldness I have kept
Wrapped in arms, with a basket of tears
That I have wept.

Tresses shine,
The hair that blinds,
Sends me through, to the other side.

I once held an eagerness for life,
And now I only remind myself, of every strife.