Poem – “Father, will you Vow for Me?” – Romance – 4/9/2020

Father, will you allow me one tragedy?
Blessed by your missing love,
I have been able to offer from me
To the woman of my destiny
One vow, spoken with trembling lips
And a heart that skips
Beats, in the stillness of new fallen sun-rays.

Life did not hold me under its nose,
Nor under its thumb
Enough to belong to the stone.

Life had its own cradle
To render me in its lifelessness
While the cradle had thorns about every side.

Rotten flesh
Stunk like Hell upon the Earth.
And a great descent from my eyes
Were the tears upon her rosy cheeks.
Father, will you grant me
One moment to see her form
Beneath the soil,
Beneath the blood boiled?

My eyes cast shadows
Upon what I cannot see
So deep in the light.

Do not leave
Before I leave,
For I do want to see your light fade
Finally from my eyes.

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