Poem – “Life could not Warm you” – Romance – 4/9/2020

Life could not thaw the ice from beneath your eyelids,
Nor breed flame inside your heart.
You were destined to leave this Earth behind, to me,
To the oceans, that cross beneath my feet.

I once held your head in my arms,
Tired as it was.
I once kissed the face that bled me tears,
For I grew at once, the same.

Frozen over, and weary
With the inescapable tension of a man
When his intent is withheld
To the love that grows from a thorn.

Life brushed aside
All we could ever make
In terms of dreams,
Never screams.

Love would not awaken you
To see life in fullest arrangement
Of colors,
For your irises were too blackened.

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