A Quote of Wisdom – “When Science Questions the Power of Love” – 4/10/2020

The power of reason has been on the side of science, when it is the thing opposite from love. Why is reason opposite from love? It is because reason dissects what all people are satisfied and content with. This is within the power of love, to be content with what one already has. Love, as an emotion, that one feels with family, is full of gratitude and trust. Devotion and dedication, among the feeling of thankfulness, is there to accompany love in the realm of contentment.

To deny now that science always questions what people are satisfied with, would be just that. It would be sheer denial and blindness to state that science has not, for so long, questioned how people are satisfied with what they have, or otherwise ignorant of what they can have.

When it comes to a person cheating on their spouse, their reasons could be many, but their motive is one. Their motive was the opposite of love. Their motive was dissatisfaction. In that state of discontent, they were ungrateful, undevoted, and disloyal. All these things have to do with the power to reason out or away the contentment of oneself.

Convenience is nothing for the realm of love. Necessity, in fact, is something that love is for. And yet, science is content in its own way to tear down other people’s contentment, in favor of “knowledge”. In extreme ways, it will destroy families, like the family unit being disrupted. Because, nothing can be learned, without pain, as the common wisdom goes. But, to cause that pain on a deliberate scale, is evil, indeed.

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