A Quote of Wisdom – “Love, on the side of Expression; Hatred, on the side of Empowerment” – 4/16/2020

“As I lean closer to comprehending all of this, I discover more and more. It is then, upon when there is no more to learn, that I annihilate what I desire to be no more.”

– Anonymous

Love reveals itself on the side of the honest self, on the side of expression. Through art, one expresses love. It is the expression of eternity.

Hatred reveals itself on the side of the dishonest self, on the side of empowerment. Through destruction, one expresses hatred. It is the calling of immortality.

Through each duality of these, one should understand that love must display itself as “outward” or “external”. Whereas, through empowerment, one reveals themselves as wanting to live forever, through advancement and progression. As such of the latter, a person will follow the mindset of continual dissatisfaction, never settling for what matters the most, being that satisfaction.

It is not the taste of power that ever is settled upon. One wants more of it. One always wants more of it. Empowerment comes at the desire to be immortal of the self. All demons, who love themselves, vainly believe themselves to be indestructible. Thus, their arrogance and vanity makes them the weakest, fated by Nature itself, to be exterminated.

To follow the mindset of “empowerment” is the same following of a mindset of any drug addict or alcoholic.

Life becomes short, when the loving one realizes their immortality is nothing for themselves, as it then becomes an expression of eternity upon someone else. Life is always short, when we are selfless.

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