Poem – “Laced in the Ebony Wire” – Romance – 4/21/2020

Everywhere I travel
Brings the nighttime to peak
Up towards the moon, where each gleam is shown.

I’d love to, but cannot
Ever mean to kiss you
Beneath the starlit sky
With wine in hand,
Upon cheeks so bland,
And lips crossed upon the sand.

Where will you stay
When I have gone faraway?
Little dear, you tend to play with your fears.

Laced in that ebony wire
That cannot drape from any higher.
Love is a faucet to drink from,
Where I could shelter you in arms
Beneath those falls.
Once to bleed, twice to need.

Lace, among every trace
Of your astounding vision.
Every detail, and every grain
Of your beauty
Has been yearning
For the symmetry.

The symmetry of two hearts present
Among each kiss to be sent.