Poem – “Held Close, in Arms” – Romance – 4/24/2020

There are days to say
That the world can go away,
Leaving us from its dismay.
We twist stems from the shortest tulips
Adorning the cotton fields.
We twist ourselves, the stems
And bury ourselves in arms.

Close as the world is away
From us, in its utter dismay.
I am the blood, craving a coldness,
While you are the Hell craving a true warmth.
We fan ourselves
In this entertainment,
In this embrace.

We raise flames higher
Than ever we were to dine
Upon lips for the kiss.
What will love be, without every touch
Made for the flesh?

Clean me,
My beauty,
And drop me
In your arms,
As I drop you in mine.

There are devils at play,
Enjoying every trick
They can tell, from their mouths.

Let us list the things
Where we can discover fondness
To heal what was left unhealed.

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