Poem – “Let your Loose Eyes upon Me” – Romance – 5/3/2020

Do not treat

The shame with scorn.

I have only thought to love

With eyes upon the sun, that is your heart,

While my mind, the universe, is broken.

Love me, as you would love a shell.

Just a man of the latter, as I was once a former.

Just a man of the now,

Versus all I once gathered.

My blood wreaks from my hands,

Staining them black.

My eyes see all I've been corrupted to be,

Bleeding me dry.

I face you, now,

Under the altar.

I kiss your sweet lips,

To beg you not to scorn me,

Not to despise me.

I am meager, to your comparison,

As you burn through me

The torch of something great and wild.

I wish the moon to marry the sun,

As the Heavens marry the Earth.

I want to love beneath a curtain,

As a drape over our demises,

The ones we will smother

To let fade.

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