Poem – “Bleed, Darling Bleed” – Romance – 5/10/2020

Bleed, darling bleed,

To fill the Earth with your spirit,

Drowning each tragedy in your touch,

Letting  myself fly to your web,

For I will gladly be caught,

Ensnared in your grasp,

To be soothed by your sighs and songs.

Upon the rain,

Droplets form crystals, in the deepest parts,

Where glaciers rise,

Faces collide

In welcomed kisses.

Sculpted brows

Rise high, in the euphoric climbs.

Bleed, darling bleed

Your eyes to fill the beach, for the sand

Has not received enough of a touch

From the ocean's waves.

Lay your heart in the current,

In the tide,

Let yourself swim in the deepest part

Of the shallows.

Let your fins cut the waters above your back,

Let your tail shower the sun in your magnificence

Upon when it lands down.

Bleed the world to unite,

Never the oceans to part,

As the both of us did.