Poem – “My Love, a Destroyer” – Romance – 5/10/2020

Where will the waters take you?

Love did set its sails upon your back.

You may float

Down the stream, to the next dream,

Where eyes are upon you, in the newest storm

Unleashed upon your worn soul.

Where will land drive you

Over its bowels where fetid tunnels run,

Above to its mind, where hazy torments are relived,

As I suffer, in this wind of an empty ocean,

Scarring my back, with old pain?

There is nothing as current

As the painted mark of your kiss on my cheek.

There is for your future,

Flowers to grow,

Beginnings to sow,

Among endings to reap.

There is only for me

Something I've remembered in my destiny

To be in the arms of you.

I wanted more kisses,

More sighs,

More smiles, in the arms of you.

Now when my feet take me,

I know not which direction to walk,

As I only ever walk.

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