Poem – “You’ve Long been the Dust in my Eye” – Romance – 5/10/2020

Why must I,
Swipe a single tear,
Always a single tear,
From one solitary eye?
Its boldness in blue coloring,
Its boldness in shaded contours,
Has come from some deep well
Full of emotions from Hell.

You've long been the memory,
You've long been the tragedy.
The woman meant to be my destiny,
Now broken in its image.

Lift yourself to me,
Could you do so?

You cannot,
For you have lied down.

The blueness of my tears,
The oceans they've formed at my feet,
As I am drowning.

You are the dead image,
Of a once-beautiful woman,
The one with the highest faith.

You broke at my sight,
As you are now but a speck of dust
Caught in my eye.
As that speck,
Was a part of your form,
Ghastly in its rotting image,
Where you crashed down in the Earth,
Like some unseen wave of the sea.

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