Poem – “Forever Understanding of You” – Romance – 5/10/2020

As I stand here,

Watching how the oceans form

At the command of sadness,

I am merely here to take a few shared breaths

That my weeping beloved expelled, too.

Little did I realize,

That her sadness was mine, too.

Little did I acknowledge

That the Earth was hers, too,

To bleed for.

To hold sacred

Our vows, in contemptible soil,

As I thought such brown Earth to be,

Leaves me,

Ample in wonderment.

She raises stones to fall against me,

In them thrown.

She raises arms to still the sea,

Within the hurried storm.

Love sends colors flying

To the oaks and birches, along where shared torments

Twist between.

I am in them, seen to be

The man who neglected the whole of her pain,

Her hands that were stained

In our own blood.

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