Poem – “Lakes for Miles” – Romance – 5/12/2020

I sought gravity

The weight of yourself, from Heaven's place.

I sought eternity

Of you, to be welcomed safely in arms.

Here, I paint a portrait of your face,

Exquisite in each line for contours,

Romantic in what lips I can kiss.

Though, pain has draped itself, like one crude curtain

Over your perspiring form.

I sought an entity

To feel your majesty,

As God had sent you down from Heaven's sanctuary.

Love loses breath,

Upon meeting death

When the world collapses under the weight of burdened flesh.

I am in love,

So much in love,

With the vows I make on this Earth,

Witnessing your crying face,

For no stain can wet the cheeks long enough

To grow thorns.

Lakes for miles,

Destined whiles,

Fate smiles, in the Hell I've been given,

Because no love could sprout from Heaven

Without falling.

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