Poem – “Melting for Ages” – Romance – 5/12/2020

Your eyes

Find splits in the Earth,

Find pain where marriage should maintain

Itself, in the openness.

I swallow whole

Like the Earth with its crust

The lakes that formed from your melting eyes,

For I am always tasting your tears,

As I am always feeling your fears.

You consume the guilt,

Feel the depression,

You want the noose to hold you tighter

Than ever did my arms.

You wash this world in your depravity,

While I nourish you

In the world's lacking salvation.

What has broken the banks on the river's edge

To flood the roaming universe?

What had soaked through your clothing

With tears?

Should we not have worked, for blood?

Your eyes have been melting for ages.

Upon the mountain of your heart

Sits those heated glaciers,

Moving as they would to make the quivering mouth,

Trembling arms,

Among those closed eyes

That only hurt, because sadness is where you feel free.

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